Taste of Seamless 2014

Just to set the scene for you, I’ve just ordered my meal through Seamless as I sit down to write about Seamless. It’s called research, guys. [Update: Definitely used it two nights in a row. Because I’m a thorough researcher.]

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the Taste of Seamless at the Arena Theater. This event showcased caterers from around the DMV area who are looking to feed your office. Before attending, it hadn’t even crossed my mind to use Seamless for a work event. I had reserved it for days that I was simply too tired (lazy) to cook the $100 worth of groceries I had in my fridge. But I’m happy to report that I’m a changed woman.

Seamless 1

I had an opportunity to speak with Nick Worswick, Vice President and General Manager of Seamless Corporate Accounts. He explained that this goes beyond food, this is about employee happiness and productivity. According to a survey conducted by Seamless, companies offering their employees food-based perks saw an increase in camaraderie and collaboration. When food is provided, more than half of the respondents said they would actually stay in the office longer.

Seamless 2

This is great and all, but in the end, I just want to make things ridiculously easy for myself. And guess what? Seamless Corporate Catering actually does that. My favorite feature? People can choose food from different pre-selected restaurants. I love my office, but I’ll lose my mind if we order from another diner. You want what everyone in this town wants – options. Seamless is a food matchmaker, helping you find the meal you want and need.

Let’s get to why you’re really reading this – food. Taste of Seamless featured food from Boulevard Catering, Cakelove, The Cakeroom, Geppetto Catering, Purple Onion, Saint Germain Catering, Taylor, VIPS Catering, W. Millar & Co. Catering, and Potbelly. Great and all, but nothing stood out. That is, until I got to To Your Taste.

I shy away from declaring favorites… until they feed me something delicious. Seriously, I wanted an entire meal from these guys. The first thing To Your Taste offered was the Argentinean BBQ Spoon.

Argentinian BBQ Spoon

That consisted of pan seared beef with their signature chimichurri sauce. Not supposed to eat it in one bite, but I lack etiquette, so I inhaled it. Next up was their chipotle chicken lettuce wrap with a basil avocado cream sauce. That’s basically everything I like wrapped in lettuce, which can never go wrong.

Chipotle Lettuce Wrap

My absolute favorite was the Coconut Crab Polpette –  fried balls of shredded coconut and lump crab meat topped with a cilantro lime sauce.

Coconut Crab Polpette

Finally, the entire sampling ended with perfectly cooked chicken wings in pepperoni sauce. If it weren’t for the never-ending line at their table, I would have gone back for multiple more servings.

Seamless Table

If you need catering, these are your guys.

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