Sababa Restaurant Does Not Disappoint

Award-winning restaurateur Ashok Bajaj of Knightsbridge Restaurant Group opened SABABA one year ago in clevenad park right next door to his other known restaurant Bindaas. 

Sababa offers “modern Israeli” cuisine drawing inspiration from the Middle East, Turkey and Greece.  The menu is comprised of a nice balance of innovative cuisine and traditional fare. 

The menu ranges from spreads and shared plates to kebabs and large plates. The menu is available for all types of eaters to enjoy, with accommodations to dietary restrictions and extensive vegetarian and vegan options.   

Menu highlights:

Hummus of the day

Every day the chef comes up with a new and unique hummus of the day. Ranging from adding meat on top, to different flavors and spices. We were lucky enough to try the beetroot hummus with feta cheese. It was amazing and every last bite was scrapped up by deliciously warm pita.

Charred Eggplant 

The Charred Eggplant comes beautifully plated with herbed labneh, pomegranate and pistachio; Dorade Crudo with choban salad, chili, cucumber, tomato and lemon. The eggplant keeps is soft, silky texture while it still has that charred kick from the outside.

Roasted Halloumi

If halloumi isn’t already your favorite food, it should be. Halloumi cheese tastes like a combination of mozzarella and buratta. (Which are already the two best cheeses). So yeah, when grilled and cooked to perfection, it is really the best.

Lamb Shank

The Lamb Shank comes with braised red cabbage, dates and citrus. It is juicy, fresh and packed with so much flavor.

Fried Cauliflower

Everyone is doing cauliflower these days, so it is no surprise to see it popping up on every menu. But Sababa does it just right. The best flavors come out when adding tahini (sesame paste) and topped with golden raisins, dill, lemon.

Lots more

The menu contains so much more for sharing or indulging in a select dish. From salatim (small salads showcasing a selection of the season produce) and vegetables to kebabs from the grill (the mushrooms ones are amazing!) to chicken and salmon and everything in between.

Don’t skip the dessert

Even if you’re not a dessert person (unclear why?) don’t pass on a bite of the halvah and chocolate Halva-Chocolate Pot De Creme. Halvah is a soft, fudge like sweet made out of sesame paste. Some might know traditional halvah and think it tastes more like dry peanut butter. But this halvah is AMAZING. The halvah is actually brought in and not made in house, because Chef recognized how good this homemade halvah is, and could not even come close to replicating it.

And for all those fellow chocolate lovers out there. The Halva-Chocolate Pot De Creme is chocolately goodness topped with smaller, firm pieces halvah to get the soft and crunchy in every bite. True deliciousness.

Check out Sababa, you won’t be disappointed. 

3311 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008

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