Redskins NFL opener: The Hamilton features ESPN Radio live broadcast & custom themed menu

Hail to the Redskins, hail victory…well, hopefully.

But regardless of where you watch the Redskins season NFL opener versus the Eagles, if it isn’t at The Hamilton, you could be doing it wrong.

A few reasons why this downtown mega-bar is worth checking out this evening.

1. ESPN Radio’s SVP and Russillo will be broadcasting live from 1:00-4:00pm

2. The game will be on all of their huge TVs, with sound, starting at 7pm

3. Did we mention day drinking with ESPN Radio?

4. There is a custom menu created just for tonight’s game.

Some of the features from our sneak peak at the custom menu include a Redskins Sushi Bento Box with “two pieces each of salmon, tuna [we assume blue fin], and yellow tail over rice , mixed greens salad, tuna pastrami, and a spicy tuna roll with tuna on the top” all for only $15.

For you Eagles fans out there, there’s a Eagles Bento Box as well featuring, “six pieces of salmon over rice, mixed greens, marinated Wahoo sashimi and a Philadelphia roll” also for $15.

So head on over and #HTTR!

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