Quick Look: Beuchert’s Saloon

While not technically old enough to qualify as a “Hill Classic” just yet, Beuchert’s is quickly becoming the hip hang out of choice for those who take food, quality cocktails, and the absence of Seer Sucker and pastels very seriously. You’re more likely to see a few small business meetings happening in the early afternoon, and several slim tie wearing, mustached clad individuals deep in conversation and sipping strong, adult drinks, than you are to spot Hill interns chugging Natty Light – which is all a good thing. Beucher’s takes pride in service, quality, and is quickly becoming my new favorite place on the Hill.


Opening just a few months ago, and boasting some of the best drinks and food on their stretch of Pennsylvania Avenue SE, Beuchert’s is perfect for a one-on-one, be it a date or a meeting, or a smaller group of friends catching up over whiskey drinks and some of the best bone marrow in DC.


That’s about all you’re going to get until I can shimmy back over and sample much more of their amazing menu, and of course, for the sake of reviewing, more of their cocktails. However my early favorite is quickly becoming the Beltway Boy (pictured below) featuring rye, amaro, aperol, peychauds bitters, and absinthe. Served chilled with no ice, these go down way too smooth (and pack a punch)!


So move your meeting from Cannon House Building over to Beuchert’s Saloon. They are some of the nicest and well mannered bar tenders, staff, and owners (Nathan Berger, one of the proprietors, is likely to come over, perhaps wearing a bow tie, and say hello). Just remember to keep it classy!


Where: Beuchert’s Saloon, 623 Pennsylvania Ave SE, Washington, DC 20003. Online | Facebook | Twitter

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