Quarter + Glory Has You Covered for National Rum Punch Day

You can’t rum into fall just yet…National Rum Punch Day (today) gives us one last chance to sip on the sweet, spiced, i can’t even taste the alcohol in this, summer cocktail we all love/hate: rum punch.

Quarter + Glory – the 14th Street cocktail bar perfect for first dates and girls brunch alike – has a drink menu and savory bites for all palettes, and a rum punch for all. Served in jumbo fishbowl, serves 4-6 people and quenches that tropical, summer days craving you might be feeling nostalgic for right about now.

Quarter + Glory’s signature rum punch ($40) is made with Brugal Añejo Rum, Giffard Banana de Brasil liquor, pineapple, lime and ginger. It’s garnished with orange wheel slices and tiki umbrellas for Instagram. Disclaimer: I do not love sweet drinks. Confession: I really enjoyed this drink. In one sip on the fun crazy straw, you get a taste of pineapple and rum first, then the spice and gingery acidic balance kick in at the last second to round out your gulp. It’s really good. This is a rum punch that will get you into a lot of trouble. 

Pro Tip: 4 friends and 4 straws

Quarter + Glory’s menu reads “dignified for the discerning, bold for the courageous”. Much like the cocktail bar’s atmosphere and ambiance, the rum punch is that fruity, colorful drink even your I only drink scotch and stouts friend will sip on.

Also…order the savory, bite sized, Fried Cheese Curds alongside the rum. The salty bite is a perfect complement to the (many) sweet sips you’ll be taking.

Cheddar Curds + Spicy Honey Mustard

Keep up with Quarter + Glory’s happy hour specials and new menu items on Instagram and on their website.

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