Proper 21 Spring Menu Review

Proper 21 is a high end sports bar serving All American classics with a gourmet twist created by Executive Chef Steve Forbes. The space maintains the modern aesthetic and New York style of the Manhattan locations, which have best been described as “Tom Ford meets Thomas Edison”. The restaurant provides state-of-the-art & visual for sports, corporate functions, nightlife and other events.”

Executive Chef Steve Forbes spoiled us with a lovely happy hour filled with refreshing cocktails, decadent food, and good vibes all around. It seems to be a popular hang-out amongst D.C. professionals. When we arrived the restaurant was already overflowing with D.C. locals grabbing their end of the work week drinks accompanied by live music.


The Cucumber Cruiser with Gin, Cucumber, and Lime– Perfect for a happy hour spent in the sun, it is light, refreshing and easy drinking

The Ruby Red Mojito with Captain Morgan’s White Rum, Grapefruit, Lime and Mint– The grapefruit adds the perfect hint of flavor and sweetness that takes this classic cocktail to a whole new level

Skillet Cornbread with parmesan cheese, cracked pepper, and sweet butter– I’m sorry but you will not catch me at a restaurant ordering cornbread, eating cornbread at home, buying cornbread in any nature, but WHAT THE HELL is this addictive warm, sweet, moist, crack in a skillet that we were just served? We both said out loud “why can’t I stop?” as we kept digging out spoonfuls for another heaping bite.

Crispy Kale Flatbread with hot honey, roasted kale, and pickled onions- crispy and sweet (the best combo), you can’t serve two dietitians kale and expect anything less than an applause and our deepest gratitude 😉

Spring Buddha Bowl with fingerling potatoes, equinox grains, black beans, charred corn, pickled onions, sweet-pea vinaigrette with avocado puree– I LOVE BUDDHA BOWLS and this one packs a solid nutrient punch. Each ingredient can stand out on it’s own, but together they are the perfect harmony.

World’s Greatest Sandwich with stacks of fried egg, candied-pepper bacon, lettuce, tomato, spicy mayo, and cheddar cheese between slices of sourdough bread- Steve found out we were dietitians after he already had this guy on it’s way, and I’m thankful for that because this was tied for the greatest thing we had all day, and we absolutely devoured this.

Skillet Cobbler with Maine blueberries, Venetian vanilla ice cream, and a sweet dough crust. THIS was my favorite (tied with the sandwich) item on the menu. Steve told us when he was younger that these blueberries grew abundant at his grandparents and that is where and when his love affair with cooking started. Therefore, this dish tastes a little like nostalgia but mostly like heaven.

Churro Waffle deep fried in cinnamon sugar topped with cinnamon and brown sugar ice cream. I am wondering if I had more than 1 bite of this, A. because my friend Emily was about to finish it herself and B. because I was gorging myself with Blueberry Cobbler. In Emily’s powdered sugar dusted words “YUM”.


All in all we had a fantastic experience at Proper 21 and with the Executive Chef changing the menu every 3 months or so you can bet we will be back for our favorites before then and back again to see what else he created to wow our taste buds. Thank you Proper 21, Steve, and team for great hospitality, good food, and a wonderful time. Keep up with Proper 21 using the links below

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