potbelly sandwich shop

Potbelly Sandwich Shop – An Honest Take

There are certain places, chains even, where the most devout “foodies” turn their noses at without ever giving them a shot.

We are not those foodies.

Sure, some sandwich chains (that don’t need naming) serve questionable bread, have toppings that appear less than fresh, and many other reasons why, personally, the collective we choose not to eat there. There are some chains that people love, and some they hate. But quality is quality, and we recently appreciated the quality, service, and product at Potbelly Sandwich Shop.

Recently we were approached to check out their newest item, “The Pastrami Sandwich,” and of course to sample some of their classics.

First, we appreciate the commitment the staff has to the product. They were familiar and even recommended which bread goes best with the various sandwich combinations. Plus, as was explained, they open early and wash and slice the toppings, and carve the meat fresh for each day. Second, they were fast. We ordered, the sandwich was toasted and topped with fresh, crispy, bright vegetables and condiments, and was delivered to us in record time. In the Washington, D.C. area there are other, very large chain sandwich places where not only does it take forever, but when you ask for toppings it’s like a chore for the staff. Further, there never seem to be enough of said topping on your sad sandwich. Not at Potbelly. We asked and they delivered, with a smile. Read more about their freshness here, but let’s get into the food.

The new pastrami sandwich was amazing. On white bread that was toasted, with mustard, cheese and that’s it. Paired with a fountain drink and Louisiana’s own Zapps and it’s a deal!

potbelly sandwich shop

potbelly sandwich shop
The Potbelly Mustard really makes it! With pickles too!

Next we went classic with “The Wreck” with everything. Salami, roast beef, turkey, ham and swiss cheese. It sounds like a lot, but it’s sliced so perfectly thin it’s not overwhelming. But the addition of the mayo, mustard, LTO, pickle, and their own hot pepper mix, plus seasoning and oil really make this taste like the true deli sandwich it is.

potbelly sandwich shop
Classic “Wreck” with everything

For a lighter flare, grab a “Skinny” – less meat and cheese and on thinner bread, each one is less than 400 calories. We went with the “Hammie” which is smoked ham and swiss cheese. Of course adding all their fresh vegetables makes it even healthier right? Exactly. And don’t forget the Zapp’s!

potbelly sandwich shop
“The Skinny Hammie”
Don't forget to grab some peppers or a gift card!
Don’t forget to grab some peppers or a gift card!
potbelly sandwich shop
Fresh made sweets in house!
potbelly sandwich shop
You can take their famous hot pepper mix home too!

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