Pizzeria Vetri & Shake Shack Offer Limited Edition Chicken Parm & More!

Pizzeria Vetri & Shake Shack picked up new flavors of the month – and are making it (facebook) official with new, drool worthy limited edition menu items.

The Shake Shack Chicken Parm

The Shake Shack Chicken Parm features Shake Shack fried chicken, the classic Shake Shack bun and Pizzeria Vetri’s signature marina, mozzarella and basil

Ever torn between the comfort of marina sauce and the savory satisfaction of a cheeseburger? Same. Shake Shack & Pizzeria Vetri GOT YOU. This was delicious. Perfectly fried, yummy, juicy chicken with just the right (goldilocks style) amount of marina and mozzerella topped with an incredibly crisp, fresh piece of basil that made your tonsils dance. Order immediately.

The Rotolo

The Rotolo was is a Pizzeria Vetri original and was created by PV’s Executive Chef, Marc Vetri

Never heard of a rotolo? It’s a Pizzeria Vetri original! The inventive dish was created by Executive Chef of Pizzeria Vetri, Marc Vetri, featuring pizza dough, mortadella, bacon, ricotta, pistachio pesto. For this special occasion. Shake Shack lent its signature cheese sauce to Pizzeria Vetri for a twist on the Rotolo recipe. The inside stayed the same, but Vetri swapped the pistachio pesto for Shake Shack’s cheese sauce. I’d suggest ordering this dish to share, it was a bit big for one and loaded with a lot flavors. While I love dough, mortadella, cheese and bacon, the Rotolo didn’t bind the ingredients together well for me. Maybe, if they blend the inside ingredients together first, it might come together for a more cohesive bite.


Decisions are hard. Don’t make one.

Like any true summer fling, Pizzeria Vetri & Shake Shack won’t be shacking up together for long. The special menu items will make their FBO debut Friday, September 1 and will be available until Sunday, September 10. Let the summer romance of 2017 begin!!

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