Not Another Food Interview with DCFoodPorn’s Justin Schuble

You’ve read all the other interviews…yeah, he’s cool and he likes food.

So, I wanted to spare Justin (and you), who’s just a month away from graduation, from questions about his plans for the future after Georgetown. Like most seniors, he’s a little ready to graduate and very done talking about it. So we talked about everything other than his plan to pursue DC Food Porn full time after school…

What is the last song that played on your phone? Simple Song, it’s from Empire another TV show I’ve been watching.

What is one first world problem you always wish there was a solution for? I hate sitting in traffic.

Open bar or chinese take out on New Years? Chinese take out. I would always choose to be with my closest family and friends than in a room full of strangers.

What style sunglasses do you wish you could pull off? Round Raybans.

Socks with sneakers? I’m a fan of no-show socks, the best of the both worlds!

Hinge or Bumble? Don’t have either of those, but I just downloaded “The League”.

I met with Justin at Chinatown Coffee Co. & then we headed over to Chinatown’s newest sports pub, 10 Tavern, to taste the “big ass” pretzel. Courtesy of Greer Hunter & DCFoodPorn

What movie did you want to win the Oscar? Hidden Figures.

What is your favorite movie of all time? Monsters Inc. How can you not love that movie?

Least favorite movie? All of the Mission Impossibles.

What streaming service has the best shows to binge watch? Netflix.

What are you currently watching on Netflix? Just finished Orange is the New Black.

If DC Food Porn didn’t exist, what would you do? What’s your next interest? Something in real estate development. I’m looking at that church over there (St. Mary Mother of God Catholic Church) and envisioning gutting the inside and turning it into some sort of market, but keeping those windows and the distinct exterior.


Who is your favorite U.S. President? Honest Abe. How can you not love him?

Who is your favorite First Lady? Michelle Obama; she really knew her way around the DC food scene.

Where do you buy your avocados? Whole Foods – or a place like that, with lots of produce.

If each DC neighborhood was a food, what would it be? Georgetown would be a classy steak. Adams Morgan I’m thinking of drunk food, and jumbo slice. 14th Street has everything. Chinatown, well it’s the best Chinese.

Who would you want to play you in a DCFoodPorn documentary? That’s a tough one, maybe someone like Chace Crawford.

Do you have a favorite actress or actor? Priyanka Chopra. She’s talented and beautiful. If you haven’t seen Quantico you’re missing out.


Dogs or cats? I have cats, but I like both!

Winter, spring, summer or fall? Fall. Definitely fall.

Favorite holiday? Thanksgiving – it’s in the fall and I like the menu!

What do you think DC is missing in its neighborhoods? We need more spots that house more options in one place. People want good atmospheres blended with great food and eclectic shopping. Union Market and Eastern Market are great, I’d like to see more places like those with a wider range of vendor categories.

Uber, Lyft or Taxi? Uber.

Metro or walk? Walk.

What “sound” do you have your alarm set to on your iPhone? Radar (the default). It makes me cringe every time I hear it.

What is the hardest food to Instagram? Chicken & Waffles. You’d think it would be photogenic, but it’s actually difficult to capture it well. The brown color of the battered chicken, waffles and syrup all kind of blend.

Easiest food to Instagram? Doughnuts and sushi are picturesque. They both are usually colorful and vibrant.

 DC Food Porn

DCFoodPorn would make a beautiful coffee table book – is that something you’d consider publishing? I’d definitely be interested, some of the photos would look great printed. I’m just not sure how well it would sell or if it’s something my followers would want to buy when they see it for free on Instagram.

Sweetgreen or Chop’t? Sweetgreen

Will “The Hill” ever be cool? Maybe? It could be cooler. DC is small, so a lot of the neighborhoods are working to up their game and become more inviting via new restaurants, markets, shops and living options.

What is your favorite DC neighborhood?  14th Street/U Street Corridor. It has a lot going on, lots of different food choices too.

District Dougnut or Astro’s? Both!

Do you find yourself talking politics more often because you go to college in DC? Not really. I think you can choose to immerse yourself in politics because we are in the capitol, but you can surround yourself with whoever and whatever you want. There is more in DC beyond politics for sure.


Text, Call or FaceTime? Text.

Are you punctual, or “be there in 5”? I’d like to say punctual, but in the food world things run longer and meetings get pushed back – kind of like today!

Where’s your favorite city to eat outside of DC? Los Angeles.

What DC food truck would you chase down a street in DC? Swizzler or Goodies Frozen Custard. I’ve been meaning to try Pho Wheels.

Where’s your favorite place to shop for clothes? J Crew, but I also like lesser known brands and boutiques. I got the sweatshirt I’m wearing today on my last trip to LA.

What kind of backpack do you carry? Herschel.


What is the most over Instagrammed spot in DC? Mm, probably the Lincoln Memorial or the Monument.

Where is the most underrated spot to Instagram in DC? Either the Chinese Arch in Chinatown or the wings on embassy row.

What is your go to emoji? The one with the hands up, praising, or the doughnut!

What’s missing in DC? Poké!

What’s your favorite acronym or abbreviation? Guac.

Most relatable meme? 

What’s your favorite hashtag? #dcfoodporn, duh.

Follow Justin on Instagram @dcfoodporn or visit his website DC Food Porn to drool over some fabulous food pics.

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