The Best Runway Collections from New York Fashion Week Spring 2017

September is upon us and that means Fashion Week for the Spring 2017 collections in New York,  London, Milan and Paris! To kick off this style marathon the first stop was New York City. Now that the tents have come down and the couture dust has settled, I wanted to highlight my favorite runway collections from the NYC. There were about 200 shows that debuted their 2017 Spring lines this year, so I have navigated my way through all of them to bring you the cream of the crop. Happy Shopping!


3.1 Phillip Lim

First up, 3.1 PHILLIP LIM. Rarely am I let down by Phillip Lim’s creativity. He does an absolutely perfect job of taking typically masculine shapes and making them feminine. The sporty-chic navy and tan looks are ultra cool, and the suit pieces mixed with feminine colors and prints are perfect for the modern woman. His looks are ready-to-wear, making them easily adaptable to your everyday wardrobe.


COACH 1941

I cannot believe I am really saying this but, Coach slayed this runway season. I have not owned a Coach item in a decade, but that will have to change after viewing their super edgy 1941 line. The Coach 1941 line is meant to showcase their “leather, creativity and craftsmanship,” and ends up bringing them back from extinction. Welcome back, Coach.


Carolina Herrera

Famous for dressing royalty and celebrities alike, the legendary designer Carolina Herrera has added some modern materials to her classic designs. Carolina never strays too far away from their feminine silhouettes, but these new patterns, denims and sheers are super current for the line. I love the denim gown, its so early 2000’s Britney Spears meets couture. I seriously hope someone rocks this during red caret season.


Christian Siriano

Christian Siriano has been on fire lately, dressing an incredible NINE women at this month’s Emmy’s. He also has been leading the campaign against designers refusing to dress the “average” sized woman. I have to give him major props for using models of all shapes and sizes in his NYFW runway show, which is almost unheard of. Siriano’s bold use of color and shapes make him one of the most interesting designers right now and he is only 30 years old.


Cushnie et Ochs

Cushnie et Ochs are the queens of less is more. With clean lines, crisp colors and cutouts, they are sexy chic. They are making fashion statements without having to be avant-garde  or whimsical. They stick to what they do best and it consistently works for them. I love their Spring line, it screams Spring weddings, cocktail parties and red carpet casual.



DKNY has been around for longer than I have and it has been a staple in fashion for just as long. However, this year Donna Karan herself, has stepped down as chief designer from her line and made way for an extremely fresh and young Spring 2017 line. Designer athliesure has been huge this past year and according to DKNY’s Spring line, it will continue to be a big trend in 2017. Hoods, chunky knits, fanny packs and knee highs are the athletic wear of the future and I am on board.


Jonathan Simkhai

Jonathan Simkhai is one of my new fashion crushes. Shockingly Jonathan’s line is 6 years old and this is only his second year of runway shows. He said that he designs for the ultimate cosmopolitan woman and I could not agree more. His mix of effortlessly cool, casual looks and boho gowns are to die for. Every item is different than the next, but they are still cohesive as a collection. I am really excited for what is to come from Jonathan Simkhai.


Marc Jacobs

It would not be New York Fashion Week without an eye-popping show from Marc Jacobs. I had to highlight the show with the biggest controversy this season. (Note the rainbow dreadlocks that created a firestorm of cultural debate backlash.) Marc Jacobs always delivers a visually stunning fashion show. Not exactly “ready-wear” but this show was beautiful. I love metallics, furs and bright colors for this season, so I am excited to see Marc using them for Spring.



No one does a romantic ethereal gown quite like the design house of Marchesa. They are known for creating red carpet dream gowns and they did it again this season. Incorporating fringe, metallics and color to their already famous tulle designs, makes this spring line trendy yet timeless. I would absolutely melt for any one of these designs but my heart is set on the center liquid silver masterpiece. Swoon.


Philosopy di Lorenzo Serafini

This was one of my absolute favorite shows this season. Philosophy has been around since the 80’s but their best move in recent history was appointing Lorenzo Serafini as their Creative Director. This is the ultimate wardrobe for the chic millennials. Everything about this Spring/Summer 2017 line says music festivals, yacht parties and nights out for an effortlessly cool girl. I cannot get enough of this collection.


Rag and Bone

Rag and Bone is famous for being understated and modern for both men and women. The menswear is what really caught my eye for this collection. Not many designers take on menswear, so it its exciting to see someone do it and do it well. This show was on point for this season’s trends. I am loving their military green, knits and suede right now.  Rag and Bone’s clothes have a laid-back unisex vibe and that’s what makes them so rad.



Rodarte is another young brand in the fashion world and was created by two young fashionable women.This explains why their designs are always a breathe of fresh air. They are known for layering pieces and feminine accents. This collection is the perfect storm of sugar and spice, mixing masculine materials like studded leather with feminine materials like lace. It is reminiscent of 70’s Rock&Roll, and who doesn’t love a little Mick Jagger? The lace, leather, fur and sequins are given soft backdrops so that they are not overpowering these looks.This collection was too good.



I know I am one of only a few who admit to enjoying Yeezy’s latest collections but hear me out. The only failure of Kanye West’s fashion line are not the designs but the productions of his fashion shows. His artistic production concepts distract people from his product. For example, this show was outside in 100 degree weather, in a remote location, no water provided and a FIVE HOUR presentation. That has taken away from the fact that Yeezy’s collections are always innovative, ultra modern and super sexy- which is an almost unheard of combination. I feel like he understands what a lot of young women want to wear and what shapes we think are cool. I love that he combines baggy pieces with daringly sexy pieces. Simple colors and layering of simple pieces are what super models and young stars are wearing. Hate all you want, but I dig what Yeezy is putting out.



I am going to be honest, I am a complete sucker for all things Zimmerman. They consistently create trendy, young and flirty collections that always catch my attention. This Spring 2017 line is romantic and sexy. We have consistently seen the deconstructed mens dress shirt in several shows this year and 1970’s boho is the biggest trend out there right now. The latest Zimmerman collection has all of that and more. A great combination of high fashion and ready-to-wear pieces. I want every single item in their Spring collection.


Standout Gowns

Even though the collections that these gowns came from did not necessarily stand out for me, these gowns sure did! Metallics and earth tones are big right now and these gowns are on point. I expect to see these designs on the red carpet during award season this year.

That’s a wrap for New York Fashion Week. Stay tuned for my highlights of London, Milan and Paris Fashion Week, coming soon!

Picture Collages created by Lizzy Olsen of Beauty & the Beet DC
Photos provided by The Cut

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