Ignite Your #Natitude DC (or least pretend for one day)

Well, it’s finally here, MLB opening day. That means the Washington Nationals have their annual day game at 1:05pm. Because hey, let’s face it, it’s Congressional recess, the Monday after Easter, so no one is really working anyway, and EVERYONE’S NCAA bracket is busted. So grab your red polo, or red socks (like yours truly), and your Nationals hat, because it’s time to ignite your #Natitutde! Or at least pretend, and don’t be the jerk who is the one Marlins fan in DC and shows up today. No one will like you. No one.

So here’s to a great season and best of luck to our boys in Red. GO NATS!

TIP: If you happen to be one of the seven people in Washington not going to today’s game, or pretend you’re not a Nationals fan, just for today, keep it to yourself. No one wants to get “the look.”

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