Lupo Verde Osteria Celebrates Fall with new menu

As the temperatures start to drop and cool, crisp air flows in, it is time to indulge in more hearty fare that keeps us warm and happy. Chef Matt Franklin is doing just that with his new Fall inspired menu at Lupo Verde Osteria.

Franklin was tapped by Med Lahlou of the Lahlou Restaurant Group in March 2019, to serve as executive chef of Lupo Verde Osteria, located in the residential Palisades area.  He previously served for one year as chef de cuisine at the flagship Lupo Verde location located on 14th St.

A native of Alexandria, Chef Franklin’s menu has a focus on fresh seafood and premiere selections of meat including a whole roasted fish, pork belly, and lamb.


A highlight of Lupo Verde Osteria’s offerings is the house-made pasta. We tried both the Torchietto Nero, a squid ink pasta served with lobster and prawns in a light uni butter and lemon zest sauce, and the Carbonara. The Nero was fresh and tasty. The Carbonara was sinfully good. Each cheesey bite paired wonderfully with the salty pancetta and it was the hardest thing to put down. Do not order this and expect to “share,” it is too good.

Torchietto Nero


For the main course, we sampled both the 18 hour Lamb Shank and the whole roasted doarade. The lamb, cooked sous vide style, fell off the bone and sat atop a creamy saffron risotto. The whole roasted dorade was filleted tableside for a glimpse into your server’s knife skills. The fish comes with a salsa verde sauce and crispy artichokes that are reminiscent of the Jewish Quater in Rome.

Lamb Shank


Make sure to save room for dessert because the Apple Verde is truly a signature dish. Nothing is more satisfying than cracking open the hardend apple shell to reveal creamy deliciousness on the inside.

Apple Verde

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