London Fashion Week Spring 2017: The Best Runway Collections

As Fashion Week season continues, the next stop on the fashion marathon is London! London Fashion Week is a much smaller affair than its predecessor New York Fashion Week. There are far less shows (around 60 runway shows compared to New York’s 200). The big London based brands are always present, but many of the biggest design houses in fashion tend to sit this location out while preparing for Paris and Milan. Nonetheless, there are still beautiful shows and talented designers showcasing their Spring/Summer 2017 collections at LFW.

Per usual, I have navigated my way through each fashion show, so you don’t have to. I have highlighted the collections that really stood out to me this year at London Fashion Week for Spring 2017. It was a week of young, trendy and fresh designs, that I think you will love. Happy Hunting!


Antonio Berardi

Antonio Berardi was so feminine and strong this season, that it was hard for me to pick just five of my favorite looks. Once again, we see the re-purposed men’s dress shirt and a lot of rich textures, both of which are huge trends for the Spring/Summer 2017. I loved these black pants with gold detailing!

Berardi’s fantastic suiting was only matched by their dreamy little dresses. Their ability to make their suiting as sexy as their dresses is so difficult, and is my favorite thing about this brand. This collection was perfect for the multifaceted fashionista.


Burberry Prorsum

Burberry’s runway label was previously known as “Burberry Prorsum.” However, as of this London fashion week they have evolved the brand to simply be called “Burberry Runway,” and all looks were available for sale immediately following the show. This need to shift from high fashion to more ready-wear available looks, has been a big move for a lot of brands, so it is not a surprise that Burberry follows suit.

Call it by whichever name you want, the Burberry brand still consistently brings great British innovation to the fashion world. Known especially for great outerwear, their knits and coats were an absolute highlight of this week. Everything about this collection says “London cool,” per usual.


Barbara Casasola

I am new to the world of Barbara Casasola, she is a new solo designer who spent may years at Roberto Cavalli. This is extremely ironic to me, because if you know anything about Roberto Cavalli you know that it is the least minimal brand you could think of. Bold colors, loud prints and ultra-sexy skin bearing dresses are their signature looks. However, Barbara could not be more opposite. She is sexy in a completely different way. Her designs are all about minimalist styles and incredibly subdued colors.

There is absolutely nothing flashy about this collection, and I am in love with that. It is sheer in an classic way, modest in a sexy way and ultra chic without being loud. Up close, their patterns and cuts are far more intricate then you realize at first glance, and everything is just so lovely. I really enjoy this line: sexy without the desperation.


David Koma

Woah, did i enjoy watching this show. David Koma is such a hip line and they nailed it with this young, fresh Spring 2017 collection. The show was hit after hit for me. They used metallics with the perfect amount of restraint. There is something so classic about the colors navy, black and white that I just love, so using that palette with a hint of metals was too cool.

I can easily picture these looks on about a thousand starlets on the red carpet. This collection is so wearable and workable into just about any event. I think it will be a huge success.


Julien Macdonald

Holy sexy! Ok, Julien Macdonald, you have my attention. Every item in this collection was sexy in a different way than the next. The metallics, tight suiting and her famous bodysuits were steaming up the runway at London Fashion Week.

If you get the chance to look at this entire collection, do it! It was JLo meets Gigi Hadid.  Gorgeous, trendy and ULTRA sexy. I have a feeling that Julien Macdonald will continue to be a huge hit for young Hollywood and beyond.


Versus Versace

Versus is a break-off line from the famous design house Versace. Versus Versace was originally Donatella’s diffusion line, gifted to her by her brother Giovanni. Versus focuses on accessories, watches, bags and ready-to-wear clothes, while Versace is high-end couture focused.

Overall, there was something super young about London Fashion Week this year, and Versus was no exception. This collection is super trendy, youthful and fun. Every look had at least one must-have staple item in it.  A great military bomber jacket, killer distressed denim, a super hot trench coat, boots galore and practical dresses; all of which were both cohesive looks and stand alone hits. This show was a perfect storm of on-trend yet practical. I just added SO many must-haves to my list from Versus Spring 2017 show.



Temeprley London is a successful London brand that is famous for intricate needle work, beautiful overlay dresses and bold materials.Their 2016 winter line was old world glamour, but their 2017 Spring line is whimsical, 70’s glam. I just love these colors, they are such a breathe of fresh air! The sequin rainbow dress is something out of a Studio54 dream and the intricate layers of tulle and needle work on these gowns makes it hard to look away. I absolutely loved Temperley’s gorgeous ode to the Spring. This collection at London Fashion Week was a work of art!

Short but sweet, this London Fashion Week has come to an end. I hope you enjoyed my highlights from the Spring/Summer 2017 London runways. Stay tuned for my next stop…Milan Fashion Week!

Pictures Collages created by: Lizzy Olsen, Beauty & the Beet
Images Provided by: The Cut, New York Magazine

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