Five DC Power Lunch Options for Lighter Summer Eating

DC is a town of meetings: but far too often that means a business lunch, a reception with passed appetizers, and a charity or PAC dinner with another three-courses. Doing this three days a week or more can get old, quick.

During the summer months, no one wants to feel stuffed after a lunch meeting – and certainly the same tired steak houses can get old.

Here are five options to keep your “power lunch” status and still keep you light in your loafers.

1. Tosca – Grilled Baby Octopus


Wood grilled and simply finished. MMmmmmm, tentacles.

2. Joe’s – Shrimp and Scallop Ceviche


Oh you fancy huh?

3. Table – House Made Burrata


Table is a great, non-downtown place for lunch. Highly recommended.

4. Fiola – Squid Ink Pasta with Tiger Prawns and Sea Urchin (1/2 portion)


Bringing sexy back!

5. Mio – Market Fish Ceviche


Nom nom nom all day.

So kick the traditional steak house this summer and add some of these light lunch dishes into the rotation without having to hit a salad-and-run place. August in DC and “meat sweats” never pair well together.

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