Klink, DC’s first alcohol delivery app brings booze to you

Klink, DC’s first alcohol delivery app brings booze to you

Finally, it’s starting to feel like 2014.

Klink launches the first DC alcohol delivery application. Long are the days of walking a few blocks to the store. Hell, you barely have to put on pants if you don’t want to.  Already launched in Florida and Michigan, Klink has introduced a responsible and convenient way for folks to get their drank on.

Founders Jeffrey Nadel (UPenn student with startup and nonprofit experience), Craig Bolz (UCF graduate with finance background and hedge-fund experience), Geoff Castillo (VCU Brandcenter student with design, branding and marketing strategy experience), and Nicholas Bowers (Rollins College graduate, previous founder of web-development firm) are welcoming you and your habits to the 21st Century.

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Here are the details.

Klink is a web and mobile platform that allows users to have alcohol delivered right to their doorsteps — all with just a few clicks or taps — in less than an hour. Users download the Klink Delivery iOS app from the App Store or browse the website at KlinkDelivery.com to choose from a curated selection of the best and most popular beer, wine and liquor available to local customers. Klink maintains a network of screened, trained and certified retail partners to fulfill orders. Deliveries are done by industry-veteran drivers who are trained to authenticate customers’ photo IDs and verify their age. Klink employs proprietary age verification processes that are more thorough than those used by brick-and-mortar retailers, bars and nightclubs.

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  1. I used Klink to get booze for a summer get-together I hosted a few nights ago. (I’m in Dupont area)

    It was seriously cool. And priced suspiciously well. Anyway, I loved it — will klink again!

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