IRS Update: Lois Lerner Pleads the Fifth (in gif format)

As if the IRS wasn’t already having the worst week ever, IRS official Lois Lerner invoked her Fifth Amendment right to not incriminate herself during a House Oversight Committee hearing on Wednesday and did not answer one question.


Lois Lerner asked her people what to do.

She informed the Committee she would not be answering any questions. They made her appear anyway.

She continued to plead the fifth, not answering any questions.

The questions kept coming.

Still nothing.

Everyone wanted to her to freak out.

Or at least be like,

But she locked it up, didn’t say a word, was lectured, and then ultimately dismissed. As in, physically asked to leave the room. It was a tad awkward. They even took her chair after she left.

Every Member of Congress was like:

Finally, Republicans and Democrats can agree…the IRS did something shady, no one is being honest, and by the way, pleading the Fifth is a total cop-out (oh, and doesn’t look shady at all)!

Good job team! Now let’s get to the bottom of this.

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