I Tried The Viral Chickpea Stew And It Is Worth The Hype

You’ve probably seen it on Instagram, or at least heard about ‘The Stew’. New York Times’ Alison Roman’s recipe of ‘Spiced Chickpea Stew With Coconut and Turmeric’ has pretty much gone viral. It is vegetarian friendly, wallet friendly and amateur chef friendly.

It looks maybe like curry, or soup? But follow the hashtag #TheStew and you will see tons of recreations.

It is very easy. Its ingredients are simple, onion, garlic, ginger turmeric, red pepper flakes, two cans chick peas, two cans coconut milk , 2 cups stock and something green. Additional ingredients can be added like yogurt, mint, salt and pepper to taste and basically whatever else you like. Put all the ingredients together, simmer, some stirring and top it off. I made it in less than an hour and was ready to eat.

After my first bite, I really said “woah, this is that good!” It is super tasty, healthy, filling, and different!

Check out The New York Times Recipe HERE. Try it out. Take a picture. Tag #TheStew. And enjoy something truly delicious and worth the hype.

Pro tips: It probably takes longer to simmer than the recipe says. Add quinoa – it’s really good. Alison Roman posts tips on Instagram.

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