How to Celebrate Beaujolais Nouveau Day

Le DeSales, a contemporary casual French restaurant helmed by Chef Raphael Francois is celebrating Beaujolais Nouveau Day (11/15) with a special menu that perfectly pairs with the young wine. 

For those unfamiliar with Beaujolais wine, it is a light purple, reflecting its youth, bottled only 6-8 weeks after harvest. This quick process means the wine has very little tannin in it and can be on the fruiter side. Unlike other wines where age builds a taste profile, Beaujolais nouveau is intended for immediate drinking.

Paired with the wine, guests have the choice of the following menu options:

Charcuterie with duck prosciutto, comte, and pickles
Cervelle de Canut

Pressed chicken
Salade Lyonnaise

For the table: 
Broccoli with ricotta and garlic
Thick cut potatoes

Creme crulee
Chocolate tart
Pear paoched in red wine

Charcuterie with duck prosciutto, comte, and pickles
Pressed chicken with argula and dijon vinaigrette
Pear poached in red wine with vanilla gelato

The duck pate on the charcuterie plate paired with the hot flakey bread and honey is a meal in of itself and frankly I could have eaten just that and been wildly happy.

The pressed chicken had the most delicious carmelized smokiness to it. The skin was perfectly crisped. It’s a simple dish but very well executed. The side salad was fine, but I honestly forgot about its existence on the plate when met with the side dishes of garlic broccoli and potatoes with bearnaise sauce.

Last but not least, the poached pear dessert was a perfect ending to the meal. It paired beautifully with the cozy fall weather.

Be sure to check out this limited time only menu asap! Beaujolais season starts now!

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