How Foodies Spent New Year’s

We asked some of the area’s foodies and bloggers what they did for New Year’s Eve, and if they had any traditions?

“I make black eyed peas and collards. The peas are supposed to bring good luck & the collards bring money.”
– Johnna of Johnna Knows Good Food

“I [did] Chinese food takeout from my favorite (secret) dive spot and champagne on the couch with my boyfriend”
– Cori Sue of Bitches Who Brunch

“Of course for me on New Year’s Eve it’s always some beautiful oysters on the half shell and the on New Year’s Day it’s oyster stew! Always makes me feel as if “the New Year (world) will be my oyster” like the old saying goes!”
– Brian McComas, Ryleigh’s Oyster

“No tradition here! I’m all about variety being the spice of life. Admittedly, I am personally not a superfan of New Year’s Eve, especially since my profession of choice has a lot to do with social events all year long. Last year I CHOSE to fly back from Las Vegas on NYE. It was fabulous. AND QUIET. Frankly these days the more low key the better for New Year’s Eve. All I need are a few close friends in an intimate gathering for dinner or cocktails at a residence and tons of nice REAL Champagne. And access to my bed. This year I’m taking Gregg Pitts’ Zengo Cycle Power Hour New Year’s Eve day at noon. We will see how I feel after that. Might need a hot tub and a massage with lots of CHAMPAGNE.”
– Pamela Lynne Sorensen, Founder of Pamela’s Punch LLC

“My family always burns a Bayberry candle to bring in the new year!”
– Morgan Gress, Editor 1776

“The first person to order a shot of Whiskey at midnight on New Years Eve at P.J. Clarke’s got dinner on the house or bottle of Whiskey on us”
– Scott Shirley & Emily Hines, P.J. Clarke’s & Sidecar

“For the past several years, I’ve spent New Years Eve exploring wines of different regions with a group of 15 or so friends. We’ll start dinner around 5PM and pair wines with various dishes, brought out course by course, designed specifically to pair with each wine. By midnight we will have tried about 10 bottles and always end with champagne at midnight. In the past few years, we’ve explored Italian wines (2011), French Bordeaux (2012), sparkling wines (2013), and this year, wines of Spain and Portugal.”
– Jennifer Che, Tiny Urban Kitchen

How did you spend your New Year’s Eve? Let us know by commenting below via Facebook or on Twitter!

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