Haute Diggity Dog

The dog days of summer are just beginning.

Alexandria’s Haute Dogs & Fries (allegedly pronounced “hot dog”) is quick, creative, inexpensive, and downright delicious. Haute Dog is situated blocks from the Alexandria waterfront. And in this city, dogs reign supreme. The very understandable obsession is hugely apparent both in and outside the eatery. Who doesn’t want to eat a hot dog on a patio with their best pooch friend?

Haute Dog serves a small selection of beer & wine. Booyah!

First, it’s time to get off your buns and try some of their buns.

Haute Dog grills the doughy bread alongside sizzling dogs to give the wiener a perfect, crispy, buttery vehicle to you mouth. The buns are lightly toasted, similar to your first time wearing a thong bikini. Oo burn.

Was v impressed by their pressing technique.

Next, order your dogs.

An impressively large and reasonably priced menu will make you want to sample several. Allow me to make a few suggestions. On the left is a Banh Mi inspired dog. Extremely tasty 13/10 would inhale again. The Chicago dog (third from the left) is a classic creation that hits a home run. And folks… hold onto your sled dogs because Haute Dog just rolled out a new menu item. Introducing the Pho Dog:

Raise your hand if you’re salivating
Topped with jalapeños, hoisin, and basil.

Unfortunately, the delectable dog, inspired by deconstructed Vietnamese Pho, will not be served perched against a brick wall or in a nice person’s bare hands. Rather, you will get to enjoy the creation in a basket to stay or foil to go. Pho real!

You’re not tired of looking at dogs yet are you?

The Chicago Dog. No Cubs fans were hurt in the making of this dog.

Finally, the Non-Dogs (absolutely not referring to cats here)

There are indeed non-dog portions to their Great Dane sized menu. Their fries are crispy and superb. The Haute burger will knock out even your worst hangover. The ice cream is ideal, especially if you go for one of the spicier dogs and need a cool down. Woo doggy. You can’t go wrong here.

Lemon milkshake. Not sour about ordering this at all.

To be frank, I don’t know what you’re waiting for. Grab your closest dog enthused buddies and head down to Haute Dog to step up your summer snacking game up a notch.

Here’s your dog tax.

Every dog on the wall at Haute Dog is a certified good boy.

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