Happy Birthday Julie Eckert

Make sure to wish friend of site Julie Eckert a happy birthday today.

A few months ago we published a birthday post for her bestie Ashley Codianni – both ladies were formerly with NowThisNews – and both are moving on to bigger and more amazing things. So we couldn’t leave her boo hanging on her birthday!

So join us in wishing a very happy birthday to Julie. In doing so, here are some amazing conversation starters you can use (yes we troll your Facebook, stop judging us)!

  • She’s from Ellicott City, Maryland which is an exit we once saw going somewhere
  • She enjoys Billy Joel and Michael Buble and we assume jams them while rocking out hard in the mornings
  • Appropriately she’s a fan of The Newsroom – ugh, typical
  • Someone totally recently put a ring on it #bling
  • She helps people help people by helping found Operation Incubation
  • She’s thankful she didn’t take a job at Russia TV (yeah…awkward)
  • If she were Obama, she’d “have a six-pack [of beer] in my food drawer. Because, like, you’re the President – tough job” (read more here)
  • Apparently in this picture she broke a story about Sen. McCain trying to use this women’s bathroom because he really, really, really had to go (not really…)

So happy birthday Julie! We hope you have a great day full of being awesome!


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