FreshDirect Answers Your Online Grocery Store Wishes

TG for FreshDirect. With a realistic $40 minimum, several delivery packages available and an annual membership option that actually pays for itself in just a few deliveries, FreshDirect is what has been missing in my life the past two years. FreshDirect launched in DC this spring and has saved me from the grocery-store starved neighborhood that is Woodley Park. FreshDirect answers your online grocery store wishes.

5 Reasons THL loves FreshDirect

  • Simple packaging – no excess bags to separate individual items
  • Vast inventory featuring popular brands (yes you can get your La Croix seltzer here) and FreshDirect’s internal label, Just, which carries gourmet items like Just EVOO Olive Oil
  • Ready to eat avocados!
  • Ready to eat avocados! (stated twice intentionally because a ripe avocado is key)
  • Smooth, accommodating delivery service

Lunch (& Dinner) Time with FD

simple salad featuring FreshDirect’s Just olive oil, arugula, spinach and haas avocados

I’ll be spending a lot more time in my kitchen thanks to FD. It is easy to buy produce and perishables in smaller quantities on FreshDirect’s site, making cooking for one much more fun! I made this salad for lunch, and used the ingredients again and paired it with my FD salmon for dinner.

The arugula and spinach had nice bite to them. No wilting here. The avocado cut like butter and was perfectly ripe. The olive oil really deserves a story on its own – stay tuned, that’s to come. But for now, go to your kitchen and dump out whatever olive oil you currently have and order FD’s “Just” EVOO. Thank me later. It brought back all the feels from my olive oil tour during my semester abroad in Florence.

FreshDirect organic salmon filet for one

FreshDirect offers a variety of cuts and sources of meat and seafood. Furthermore, the company sells meal kits and has suggested recipes for all of its main entree ingredients, like salmon. Be mindful when ordering fish and vegetables, their expiration dates typically fall within 2-5 days from delivery.

Snack Time with FD

A fruit salad actually worth buying: kiwi, strawberry, mango

Since discovering FD, my office snacks have been more fruitful! Literally and figuratively. Pictured above is one of FD’s pre packaged fruit salads, which includes strawberries, kiwis and mangos. I had to read the item description twice, I couldn’t believe they were offering a fruit salad without stupid melon or grapes. No filler here. Just the fun fruit. YAY!

guilt free chips & a savory yogurt for dipping

FreshDirect’s take on the chip & dip game is ideal for all the salty people out there – like me. I always crave savory – which makes snacking healthily difficult with all the delicious potato chips available. FD sells healthy chip alternatives and this delicious Za’atar & Sumac yogurt that is so tasty it doesn’t matter what you’re dipping in it; making it easy to opt for veggies instead of chips.

My first experience with FreshDirect was so positive I’ve already ordered with them a few times since. If I was to give FreshDirect a report card, it would look like this:

Packaging: A+  extra points for the safe cartons which hold the ready-to-eat avocados. No bruising!

Delivery time options: A+ so many delivery windows to choose from, short delivery windows

Products: A+ big name brands and new products all available here

Price: A- competitive with stores like Trader Joe’s, Safeway and Yes! Organic market, affordable in comparison to other grocery delivery services

Stay tuned for more articles featuring FreshDirect ingredients and recipes.

A box of food is a box of fun

Order next week’s groceries from FreshDirect here.

Disclaimer: the author was provided complimentary access to this service/product. 

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