First Look: Primrose Launches Two “Secret” Burgers

It’s been a big year in DC for burger fans. We got the Taylor Gourmet SP Double Stack back on a more permanent basis. We’ve seen Chef Alex McCoy’s Lucky Buns rise to burger fame. Kwame Onwauchi is cranking out killer burgers at his new Kith + Kin at the Wharf. Shake Shack has done some creative collabs with local chefs and restaurants. And the list goes on. Last night Primrose – Brookland’s newest (and best?) French bistro – added itself to the ranks of DC’s best burger purveyors.

Here’s the deal: their burgers are only available at the bar, and they’re only available after 8pm. It’s not yet clear whether this will be a permanent thing or just a test run, but I sure hope they stick around a while. With all the culinary genius behind Primrose, I have a feeling these burgers will be the first of many “off menu” bar food offerings. Maybe a rotating selection of cheeseburgers? Who knows. I do know, that you should get yourself down to Primrose next time that craving for a juicy, cheesy, meaty burger hits.

You’ll have two options for burgers at Primrose: American or French. Both are double smashed patties served on potato rolls, and both are served with thick cut steak fries. The American comes topped with iceberg lettuce, housemade pickles, white American cheese, and mayo. The French comes topped with Emmenthaler cheese and caramelized onions. Feast your eyes on the feasts below.

The “American” at Primrose


The American has all the classic components of a good, gourmet burger. The potato rolls are substantial enough to support all of the innerds, but light and soft enough to not overpower the burger experience. The white American cheese is flavorful and gooey. It adds the perfect amount of salt to the patties. And the vegetables on the bottom give just the right amount of crunch and coolness so you don’t feel like you’re just eating a fat roll.

The “French” burger at Primrose DC

Fans of Frank Ruta’s Belleburger at Mirabelle will find the flavors in the French burger familiar. It’s overflowing with Emmenthaler which has just enough bite to pair well with the sweetness of the caramelized onions. And the caramelized onions are positioned perfectly between the meat and the cheese that it’s almost hiding in a little cheese pocket until you bite into it and it all oozes together. Similar to the Belleburger, this has all the musings of French onion soup on a bun, which is delightful. And as good as Primrose’s French onion soup is, you’re gonna want to skip it as a starter if you want to save enough room to take down either one of these burgers. They’re substantial.

If you’re doing Whole 30 or some other crash diet during January, I would recommend dropping that and heading straight to Primrose for a proper meal. Cheeseburgers do the body good – everyone knows that.

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