Farmbird Review: Bird Is The Word

Founders/Owners Dan Koslow and Andrew Harris of Farmbird, a new fast/casual restaurant on DC’s jumpin’ H Street, spent two years perfecting the perfect chicken recipe.  From purchasing an industrial oven for their New York apartment, to conducting chicken variety taste-tests, the chicken lovin’ duo have done their due diligence to bring the BEST fast/casual chicken joint to DC.

Farmbird offers chicken breasts and thighs and each piece is trimmed BY HAND to eliminate any of those dreaded “bad bites.”  You all know what I’m talking about – that gristly, chewy, gross piece that you find in ever Chipotle bowl. From there, the chicken pieces are brined or air chilled until they are cooked low and slow (the temperature remains a secret to all but Dan and Andrew) to retain maximum juiciness and finished on the grill for a hot, crisp sear.


The menu ranges from plates, salads, sandwiches and sides.  The plates include your choice of chicken breast, thigh, or tofu entree over brown basmati rice with choice of one or two sides.  The entrees are so unique and interesting, that I of course had to try them all!  You will not be disappointed with any of the options, but my two faves were the avocado basil and spicy roasted fresno with the chicken thigh entrees, served with mac & cheese and juicy strawberries as the sides.


Avocado basil chicken breast with sweet potatoes and greens.

The avocado basil entree includes fresh veggies, ripe avocado, tangy pickles, crunchy almonds and a kale pesto.  The tastes and textures were surprising and craveable.  Must go back for this.

Behold the spicy roasted fresno chicken thigh entree with fresno pepper sauce, pickled red onions, crispy shallots, and cilantro.  These classic Mexican flavors will take your taste buds on a trip South of the Border and won’t ever want to come back!  Check out those incredible local strawberries only served ripe, as a fresh and seasonal side.

As the wall states, “I will not eat boring chicken,” anymore thanks to Farmbird.  Also be sure to check out their spicy adobo chicken sandwich – I woofed that thing down in under 30 seconds – and the artisinal cookies from Dan’s hometown of Reading, PA!


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