Falling for Fogo: Alli and Haley Dine at Fogo de Chão, Chapter 2

Welcome back to another episode of meat sweats! We are your hosts, Alli and Haley.

This fall, we have been sprinkled with more than just colorful leaves and hella pumpkin spice – Fogo de Chão has graciously showered us with more meats than we could handle. And yes, we can handle a lot of meat.

In celebration of autumn, Fogo rocked out some new tasty treats we needed to try, most specifically, its seasonal cowboy bone-in ribeye. Let’s take in all that glory right now…

Photo courtesy of Fogo in NOLA

Aaaaaaaand we are back…you can wipe up that drool now.

Anyway, Fogo is continuing to impress us with their bar bites, market table additions, and variety of caipirinhas. Nom nom nom. We could chat more about all our favorite parts of the meal, but we think the photos do it the most justice. ENJOY, YOU CRAZY MEAT LOVERS!

Cheers to meat! Let’s get the party started.
Our plate of sides. That squash was tops.
Still struggle with portion control…
Look! We made a Surf N’ Turf appetizer!
This appetizer, Costela, is served with the ENTIRE bone. As all meat should be. I MEAN, LOOK AT IT!
Garlic Shrimp with Passion Fruit Dip on point! Full disclosure: Haley had a cold but said “Most flavorful shrimp in the sea!!”
A different type of cocktail. Equally delicious. No such thing as too many shrimps.
Imagine this PÃO DE QUEIJO’s cheesy pull in boomerang format. Your followers will thank you. ***Accidentally consumed 4 each*** ***not accidentally***
Yucca fries are not at all yucky. And plantains are still dope. Great sweet and salty side options.
Let’s get to the meat of it.
The perfect spicy compliment – so we got more.
Alli’s next profile pic.
We were too full to make it to the Feijoada Bar, but dang, that’s fun.
Just a drizzle of happiness
Gotta catch em all
Cheers to bellies full of steak. Great end to a great meal.

What a satisfying and glorious meal, yet again. As the holidays near us, we encourage people across the country to satisfy your bellies at the nearest Fogo.

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Disclaimer: Hungry Lobbyist received two complimentary meals from Fogo de Chão.

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