Domino’s Live Webcam…that’s right, you put that pepperoni on!

Taking the concept of “food porn” to a new, and creepy, level, Domino’s has announced a trial run of “Domino’s Live” where Salt Lake City, UT pizza lovers can watch their pizza being made.

From kneading the dough, to watching those pepperonis get violently thrown on your pie, and even the slow slide into the oven, until you switch to camera four just in time to, oh God, see the cheese bubbling as it slowly eases out of the hot oven! Whew, was that good for you too?

But even though Big Pizza Brother is monitoring to make sure your pizza is sans-spit bombs, while it might look like this on the screen…

…there is still the human element of transporting, and delivering, your hot cheesy disk of heaven.

So place an order, pour yourself a nice, tall glass of wine, sit back, and enjoy watching your pizza being made.

Just make sure to savor each and every bite!

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