Celebrating National Wing Day with WingStop

National Wing Day calls for a cheat day pit stop to WingStop. WingStop is easily my favorite place to go when I’m craving boneless wings. They are always hot and made fresh when you order them. The high quality juicy white meat is just an essential when it comes to chicken wings. We tried 8/11 flavors, none of the super hot ones, because I do like to keep my taste buds 😉 I’m ranking all 8 of the flavors we tried to make your decision easier so keep scrolling.

The seasoning on these fries is everything

(Photographed not in ranking order, from top to bottom- Garlic parm, Hawaiian, Mild, Hickory Smoked BBQ, Louisiana Rub)


1. Lemon Pepper

Made with hearty pepper and zesty lemon, this sauce has people craving it from coast to coast. It was ranked number one because of the fresh flavor and zesty kick requiring no dipping sauce.

2. Garlic Parmesan

Savory garlic, buttery parmesan cheese, this great blend of flavors is worth wrecking your breath for. This should really be tied with number one.

3. Hawaiian

Sweet and tangy, this sauce has a fruity blend of island citrus balanced with rich Asian flavors. This was pleasantly surprising.

4. Teriyaki

Asian spices, bold and sweet. Experience an assortment of flavors that you’ll want to try over and over again.

5. Mild

It’s all the flavor of Original Hot without the burn. It may be mild without the wild, but it’s still got that classic buffalo spirit. This is the OG.

6. Louisiana Rub

A crispy dry rub, a hint of garlic, plus some Deep South Cajun love and you’ve got a wing that’s simply addictive.

7. Hickory Smoked BBQ

Bold, smoky, sweet and rich, this barbeque sauce has got it all. It’s all the flavors of a summer night distilled into one. I will admit, its a classic flavor and you can’t really go wrong with this choice, but I wanted more from it.

8. Original Hot

This is the sauce that made WingStop famous. It’s the classic blend of heat and tang that gives this wing its flavorful kick. The other flavors were full-bodied and unique which is why the real OG is taking #8.

Shout out to the Alexandria WingStop on Richmond HWY for some tasty wings!

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