Brookland’s Finest Now Serves Breakfast Every Day

Rise and Shine with Brookland’s Finest Breakfast

One of my favorite neighborhood eateries, Brookland’s Finest, has launched its first ever weekday breakfast menu!  From 7-11am Monday through Friday, you can stop in and get your morning started right with everything from seasonal omelettes and waffles to bagels with lox spread or house made baked goods from the pastry case.  Whatever you fancy, everything can be packed to go and served up with a hot cup of DC’s small batch Zeke’s Coffee!

Enjoy breakfast by the window, where you can gaze at the garden handiwork by Love & Carrots.

Executive Chef Shannan Troncoso is putting in long hours and cutting no corners for breakfast perfection. She certainly doesn’t skimp on portion size for the most important meal of the day, and with charming staff like bartender/server Gemma, diners will be sure to leave with smiles on their faces ready to tackle the day.  Here are some must-order menu items:

Seasonal Waffle

I mean, who doesn’t like a fluffy, crispy, waffle? Served with a seasonal fruit (mine was strawberry – YUM), bourbon maple syrup and whipped cream, it’s the ultimate sweet breakfast confection.  Bonus, you get TWO waffles, which makes this the perfect breakfast to turn into lunch and/or dinner later.

Daily Omelette Special

This was the winner for me – a morel, gruyere, and spinach American-style omelette served with cheddar grits and dressed greens.  GODDDD this omelette was tasty.  Airy whipped eggs folded over delicate morel mushrooms, salty gooey gruyere and fresh spinach was completely addicting and expertly cooked.  The eggs were still soft and creamy, and they were accompanied by cheddar. grits. people. How could you possibly order this and not eat all of the cheddar grits?  I’m glad the salad was there just so it seemed like I made a healthy decision, but I didn’t, and I ate all of it, and I regret nothing.


Bagel Town

Are you a bagel breakfast person?  Fear not!  Brookland’s Finest serves up their lox platter with local bagel selection from Bullfrog Bagels, their house-made salmon spread, a perfect boiled egg, pickled onions, cream cheese and caper-tomato relish, and some fresh greens.  I love this play on the lox platter classic because you can mix and match your bites and the salmon paté allows for equal lox distribution in each bite!  I love to have as much variety in my meal as possible, and this dish really satisfies my fear of commitment.

Pastry Party!

Chef Shannan and her long-time pastry chef work together to create, what can only be described as, magic. I only had room for two whimsical wonders, the oatmeal cream pie and a blueberry muffin.  Just don’t even look at the menu and order the oatmeal cream pie.  It is out of this world and will top every box of Little Debbie’s you’ve ever hoarded under your bed in college. The cookies are soft and chewy, sandwiching a generous heap of fluffy cream.  I did NOT want to share, and can’t wait to go back for another…dozen.

There are so many other delicious creations left to try at Brookland’s Finest — the burrito, huevos rancheros, biscuits and gravy, etc. — and judging by my first taste, they will undoubtedly be comforting, delicious, and the best part of my day.

Stay tuned to our Feasting Famously column for more on Shannan later this month!

Thank you for the best part of my week Shannan and Gemma!

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