#BreakFromTheBeltway: Richmond’s Quirk Hotel

The right hotel can make or break a trip.

And we’ve all been there. But uncomfortable bed, unfriendly staff, and pre-made omelets does not a great stay make.

You won’t have that problem at the Quirk Hotel, Richmond’s first art-driven boutique hotel. Because the place is amazing.

Get your good night sleep at the Quirk.

First, the location is ideal for a weekend of shopping, eating, drinking, and sightseeing. Richmond is a big, spread out town with plenty to see and experience. The Quirk Hotel is located on Broad Street, between VCU and Downtown and within walking distance of Belle Isle. It’s your home base for everything.

What about the name, you ask? The Quirk itself isn’t necessarily ‘quirky.’ Rather, it’s full of unexpected little details that make the whole of your stay a welcome one. In fact, if you wanted to you could spend most of your stay within the hotel and still feel like you’ve done things right.

Housed within a pre-prohibition building, once upon a time a luxury department store, the hotel retains many of the same characteristics, including segmental arches and groin vault arches. Looking down into the lobby from the mezzanine you can certainly imagine the space’s past lives.

The hotel connects to the Quirk Gallery, a neighboring art space, and the vibe extends across the Quirk’s seven floors.

A birds-eye view of the Quirk’s lobby.

And while it’s easy to get lost in the artwork (or, like me, spend an unhealthy amount of time ogling the wrought iron staircase) there’s more to be done here. Might we suggest the rooftop bar? You like those, right?

You’re not supposed to lick the bowl. But you’ll want to lick this bowl of cavatelli pasta.

And once you’re nicely tan and quenched, you’ll be wanting food. Lucky for you, a great meal is a short elevator ride away. The Quirk’s first floor Maple & Pine restaurant might be the best meal you eat in RVA.

The plates at Maple & Pine are pretty. And pretty delicious.

On our trip down south, we systematically tasted and demolished everything on Maple & Pine’s tasting menu (plus the wine, because we’re fancy). There wasn’t a dish that missed.

The prettiest plate on the menu belongs to the duck breast with ginger polenta.

Of particular note were the pork rinds (seriously), ramp cavatelli pasta, Faroe Island salmon, and the desert – an ice cream and mousse-based take on ants on a log. It’ll make you happy.

As will your stay at the Quirk. Come visit, soon.

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