#BreakFromTheBeltway: Miami’s River Oyster Bar

Tucked away in Miami’s exclusive neighborhood of Brickell, an area comprised of high-rise condos, luxury shopping, and some of the most gorgeous human beings ever, lies River Oyster Bar. An intimate and dimly-lit bistro with great cocktails and even better food, River Oyster Bar is an establishment that has survived Miami’s real estate boom and accompanying gentrification-and for good reason.

As an avid fan of the restaurant, I’ve spent many a time here throughout my tenure in the Sunshine State.  From dates and happy hours to group outings and girls nights, River Oyster Bar is the one restaurant I’ve been able to wrangle a group of difficult eaters (gluten-free/paleo/fun-free friends) to agree to frequenting.  Now, every time I decide I need some fun and sun and head down south to Florida, I insist on making an appearance at one of my favorite restaurants.


The bar. Don’t skip out on River’s cocktails.  I discovered my love for spicy jalapeño margaritas at this very restaurant!

Given my status as a foodie, I’ve ordered my way through the menu time and time again. While I have enjoyed every meal I’ve had here, below are my go to orders.


Cobia sashimi

The cobia sashimi, covered with a hint of lava salt and a soy-chili drizzle, comes paired with a creamy avocado that will leave you wanting so much more that you’re willing to jump in the neighboring waters to fish for cobia. Or just place another order if you’re not as extra as me.


Duck tacos 

The duck tacos, featured on the restaurant’s happy hour menu, can still be ordered post-imbibing time and are well worth it.  Shredded and crispy duck is accompanied by pickled red onions and placed on top of warm tortillas that make for some of the most savory bites you’ll find in the 305.


Blue crab and gnocchi

Generous (and by generous I mean you’ll be amazed at how much crab is graciously given in this plate) portions of blue crab accompany the sweet and tender gnocchi and truffle to provide for a stellar dish that will leave you satisfied and wondering where your diet went. A blue crab snob (I’m from Maryland, so I’m more than allowed), this dish passed my very difficult blue crab dish test and gives me a nostalgic feeling for the great state that does crab cakes and football oh so well.



You have to order oysters, I mean duh it’s in the name. Oysters are flown in from all over the world and shucked expertly for a perfect starter dish.


Deviled eggs with caviar

On behalf of all the bougie girls (and guys!) out there, can I get an amen for this delicious and tasty take on deviled eggs.  This classic dish is elevated by the caviar nestled on top, where the saltiness of the caviar seamlessly complements the creaminess of the egg yolk.

When you find yourself in Miami and manage to pry yourself from the white sand beaches and insane nightlife, take a break from the tourist traps lining Miami Beach and head across the causeway for a meal that makes Miami the foodie city it is slowly starting to become.

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