Bistro du Coin: Our Two Favorite Snacks

We love Bistro du Coin with it’s high ceilings, traditional French/Belgian dishes, and large interior. However dinner and brunch can get very crowded with their ambiguous reservation policy. That’s okay. When you’re walking around Dupont, just left Kramer Bookstore, or are making your way from Logan Circle to Georgetown, stop in Bistro du Coin and grab these two light bites with a bottle of wine.

Moules gratinees Au Beurre d’Ail

Mussels on the half-shell with garlic, olive oil, and parsley roasted under the broiler. They are hot, rich, and delicious. Save bread to sop up the leftover garlic butter from the shells after you are finished. 

Salade Frisée aux lardons

A clean and simple frisee salad that will have you convinced you are in a cafe under the Eiffel Tower. Frisee greens, bacon lardons, homemade croutons, sweet red cherry peppers, with a perfectly poached runny egg on top.

If you like frisee salads and you think breaking a yolk on a salad is next to winning the lottery, then you’ll love this. Our favorite version of this salad in DC. 

So stop on in for a quick bite and enjoy these two things – two of our favorite small snacks at Bistro du Coin. 

Bistro du Coin: Website 

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