An Ode to the Barmini Cocktail Flight

Thank you José Andrés, for your glorious insight,

For you have created Barmini and its luxurious cocktail flight.

Everything in the cocktail lab feels so right,

It makes me want to Instagram all damn night.

Source: Barmini

The lighting is perfect and the cocktails sublime,

I’ll surely be back for “nitro caipirnha” with a hint of lime.

Barmini’s flights are enjoyed in two hours time,

Cocktail enthusiasts, stick with me through this rhyme.


“Nitro Caipirinha” – cachaça (made from fermented sugarcane), lime, sugar, LN2 (liquid nitrogen)

The “Crossed Eye Mary” was tropical perfection,

Absinthe, passion fruit, rum all in the right direction.

The flight is ideal for those intimidated by the selection,

Don’t be surprised if your taste buds make a new connection.

“Crossed Eye Mary” – aged rum, lime, honey, passion fruit espuma (foam top), absinthe

The scent filled clouds made for quite a show,

They enveloped my senses and made time go slow.

The tasty cocktail “floral cloud” would grow and grow,

All the while, taking pictures and exclaiming “woahhh.”

“Floral Cloud” – gin, lemon, crème de violette (liquor made from violets), maraschino, hibiscus cloud

The most surprising is the “mojito sphere,”

I picked up the solid object with a hint of fear.

Yet the tang and pop caused so much cheer,

It felt like a futuristic cocktail from a far off year.

“Mojito Sphere” – white rum, mint, lime

The “Divine Wind” changed colors in a snap,

Saying ‘step aside’ you basic Unicorn Frapp!

By the end, I wanted to do another lap,

Is it possible to put all your cocktails on tap?

“Divine Wind” – chrysanthemum shōchū (a Japanese rice, barley, potato distilled alcohol), orange liqueur, butterfly pea, lime, citrus singani (Bolivian brandy)

Some quick tips for Barmini: Make a reservation well in advance and bring your camera. The folks there are super nice about patrons snapping pics. The flight is $65 for 7 creative cocktail creations. They also offer delicious bar snacks. 13/10 would go again.

Barmini by José Andrés: Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

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