5 Things You Need for Traveling ASAP!

It is almost fall and around DC that means it is TRAVEL time! The beautiful thing about working for Congress is the aggressively long Recess during the fall and winter months. It makes me feel like a kid again! Before I head out on another trip this weekend, here is a list of my new travel obsessions for this season.I have included some sales, tips and tricks on the list. Guy or gal, these will make your travel time more convenient, enjoyable and chic. Happy travels!

  1. Global Entry

Repeat after me GLOBAL ENTRY.  This is a pre-screened security status that makes customs and TSA security lines almost nonexistent. Global Entry access allows you to go to a completely separate, expedited line when reentering the country and gives you TSA Pre-Check status for domestic travel, all in one easy step. Global Entry is a simple online process with one quick in-person meeting.  The wait for the in-person meeting appointments are sometimes weeks away. However, they accept walk-ins and there is almost no wait for those! Don’t be that guy everyone has to wait on in customs. Sign up for Global Entry ASAP. Here’s the link! https://www.cbp.gov/travel/trusted-traveler-programs/global-entry. You can thank me later.

Global Entry. www.cbp.gov
  1. Smart Luggage

I am currently in love with the concept of “Smart Luggage.” This is luggage that has tech capabilities built right into them. My favorite right now is Raden Luggage. Not only do these suitcases come in every color, they also connect to an app on your phone that unlocks so many benefits. If you are like me, the weight of my bag is a constant struggle. The Raden luggage has a scale inside, which indicates in the app how much your bag weighs. The bag also has a Bluetooth location device on it and will give you the location of your bag right on your phone. My favorite feature of this luggage is the dual USB charger outlets built right into the top of the bag! The constant search for airport’s non-existent outlets problem is officially solved. The bags also come with instant mobile support through texting and has had great reviews.The is the 22″ carry on bag that costs $295. The is a 28″ checked bag that costs $395, or you can save money and get the set for $595. Check them out in all their glory at .


The ‘A22 Carry’ $295, ‘A28 Check’ $395 or the set for $595. www.raden.com
  1. The Latest Beats

The new Solo 2 Beats are the latest wireless headphones from the biggest brand in headphones since Bose. (Embarrassed to say that my mother actually beat me to these.) These headphones have Bluetooth capability, 12 hours of rechargeable use and now come in about 25 colors, including MLB team logos.

Solo2 Beats $299.95.
Solo2 Beats $299.95. www.apple.com

For $100 cheaper, and for those who like a bit more discrete, non-DJ look, the PowerBeats 2 are wireless earphones, that are water resistant and have a six hour rechargeable battery. Great for traveling and exercise, a must have.

Powerbeats2 wireless $199.95. www.apple.com

4. Luxury Backpacks

I know it is tempting but fanny packs are not ok outside of a music festival (even then I am on the fence.) And yes you are also too old to wear Jansports. Whether you are a guy or girl, luxury backpacks are all the rage. But they do not necessarily have to come with a luxe price tag. Here are some options ranging from steals, investments and splurges.

Ladies, here are a few of my favorite luxe leather backpacks for the Fall and Winter season. Ranging from steals, investments and splurges!

Steal: This black Bucket Bag/Backpack from H&M is only $34.99. It does an incredible job of mimicking some of the high end bags out right now. The bucket is going to be huge this fall, which will allow you to get a double function out of this steal.

h&m backpack
H&M Black ‘Bucket Bag/Backpack’ $34.99. www.hm.com

Investment: For a bit more glam this ZAC by Zac Posen Eartha Leather Backpack is currently on sale at SaksOff5th.com from $495.00 to now $199.99! The hardware and leather on this bag makes it an incredible buy. Get it while its hot!

ZAC by Zac Posen ‘Eartha Backpack’ on sale for $199.99. www.saksoff5th.com

Investment: For a high end luxe bag look to Rag & Bone for the chic Pilot Leather Backpack for $595.00. I love the clean flap and draw string accents. This is perfect for just shopping domestically or traveling, without looking like a tourist.

Rag & Bone
Rag & Bone ‘Pilot Leather Backpack’, $595.00. www.saksfifthavenue.com

Splurge: For the ultimate in luxury backpacks, here is my lust for this fall! The Gucci Bamboo bag was such a hit in pastel for Spring that this Fall bag is sure to be a big must have for fancy fashionistas. I am in love, and it comes in red. At a splurge the Gucci Bamboo Leather Backpack is $2100.


Gucci Bamboo Leather Backpack $2100 http://www.saksfifthavenue.com/main/ProductDetail.jsp?FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=2534374306623811&PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=845524446895967&R=888108314393&P_name=Gucci&N=306623811&bmUID=lpD7RSw
Gucci ‘Bamboo Leather Backpack’, $2100. www.saksfifthavenue.com

 Guys, the point of a backpack is more for functional purposes and I get that. BUT, why not kill two birds with one stone and make it fashionable, as well as functional? Here our my guy picks for luxe backpacks for the Fall.

Steal: This new Herschel Supply Co. Pop-Quiz Aztec Backpack in Night Forest, is perfect for traveling and a steal at $85.00. Its the perfect way to look cool without actually trying to look cool.

Herschel Pop-Quiz Aztec Backpack in Forest Night, $85.00. www.Nordstroms.com
Herschel ‘Pop-Quiz Aztec Backpack’ in Forest Night & Black, $85.00. www.Nordstrom.com

Investment: For an Investment option this Jack Spade Double Pocket Solid Backpack for $298.00 is incredible. The color will go with just about anything and looks super modern and professional, for a backpack. A guy with this on his back is definitely getting the right kind of attention.

jack spade backpack
Jack Spade ‘Double Pocket Solid Backpack’, $298. www.saksfifthavenue.com

Splurge: It is no surprise that my splurge pick for a men’s backpack comes from the incredible suit designers at Ermenegildo Zenga. The Zegna Leather Backpack is absolutely gorgeous while still looking rugged. I love this bag. At $1495 it is not cheap, but it is worth a look.

Ermenegildo Zenga.
Ermenegildo Zenga ‘Leather Backpack’, $1495. www.saksfifthavenue.com
  1. Personal Passport Covers

This choice is not only a great travel hack but it is also an incredible gift idea! Passport covers are a tasteful gift for anyone and a travel item that you will be surprised how often you use. I keep my customs forms in there, cards of people I meet on my travels, receipts, you name it. It is a great way to keep travel docs all in one place but it is also a super easy way to look like an avid chic traveler.

Steal: For a steal and completely timeless look, Mark & Graham make great leather embossed monogramed passport covers for an incredible $65.00. They come in an assortment of colors and can be embossed in plain, silver or gold. Tip– Mark& Graham almost always have some type of discount code on their website so keep your eyes peeled.

Mark & Graham ‘Leather Passport Cover’ $65. www.markandgraham.com

Investment: For an investment my favorite is the unisex Louis Vuitton Passport covers. They come in the traditional LV prints but also in plain black, grey, brown,etc. You can get them monogrammed in almost any color and they are a super chic item that you will have forever.  For a plain look they are $320.00 or with hand-painted monogram $480.

Louis Vuitton ‘Passport Cover’, $320.00 or $480 with monogram. www.louisvuitton.com

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