August Recess 101: Your Guide To Doing It Right!

Washingtonians are a hard working sort, 24/7 type of people. But when the elected officials on Capitol Hill leave town to return to their states/districts for the month of August (and one, maybe two depending on what Chamber you’re in) week(s) in September, a hush falls over the town from Capitol Hill to K Street. […]

The Partisan: A different kind of meat place

Salads? Not really. Light? Eh, not so much. Delicious, varietal, creative, meaty in the most sinful ways possible? Yes. Opened in early 2014 by the brains behind Neighborhood Restaurant Group, The Partisan provides a great place for gathering with friends to share a charcuterie board (they have an extensive and very detailed selection of sliced […]

Rose’s Luxury: review & tips for the wait

Rose’s Luxury is no longer the new kid on the block anymore, yet it still maintains consistent multiple hour weekend wait lines, and so many District dwellers we’ve encountered have yet to visit. The hype, we assure you, is real. The food is good, damn good in fact. The waits? Yeah, they’re long – but […]

Oval Room: new interior and updated lighter menu

Ashok Bajaj is no stranger to the DC scene. This Indian born restauranteur is arguably the most successful in DC’s culinary history owning The Bombay Club, 701 Restaurant, The Oval Room, Ardeo+Bardeo, Rasika, Bibiana Osteria-Enoteca, Rasika West End, and nopa Kitchen+Bar. The Oval Room recently underwent a one million dollar plus remodel and the décor, and […]

Recipe: Perfectly seared meat everytime

“Have you ever been over to a friends house to eat and food just ain’t no good?” Yes, yes Wonder Mike we have. We all have. Sometimes the macaroni is soggy, and the peas are mush…but often the steak, pork, lamb, veal, whatever the meat is, is rubbery, overcooked, undercooked, or is lacking that perfect […]

Rural Society: Now open & you don’t want to wait any longer!

The District has seen “celebrity chef” establishments come and go. Remember Les Halles? Whatever Roberto Donna was working on? You probably don’t. However those that have succeeded have done so on the merits of their food, creating a great atmosphere, and providing exceptional service. From the father of it all Jose Andres and Michelle Richard, […]

Trio Grill, Contemporary American in NOVA

I don’t often venture into the Virginia suburbs for anything other than ethnic food. But when I found out Circa was opening a restaurant in Falls Church, VA, I just had to check it out. And I’m glad I did. Trio Grill is a modern American restaurant with a wide open dining room, great service, […]