17 DC Warm Weather Problems

District dwellers have endured a tough winter that has continued far too long into this thing allegedly called “Spring.” And we hate it. And we complain, a lot, about it. But it’s not just the cold we hate. Here are 17 things you’re likely to hear as DC temps begin to warm up. 1. No […]

Hungry Girls DC: A Southern State of Mind (TOTS 2014)

South-ern: adjective \ˈsə-thərn\ A state of mind. See also: fried chicken, sweat tea, football, beer, cowboy hats, bourbon, guitars, magnolias, good manners, tradition, hospitable, bless your heart. Southern hospitality and long-standing traditions are ingrained in those of us born in the south. Growing up southern is, indeed a state of mind. A once small celebration […]

Happy Birthday Julie Eckert

Make sure to wish friend of site Julie Eckert a happy birthday today. A few months ago we published a birthday post for her bestie Ashley Codianni – both ladies were formerly with NowThisNews – and both are moving on to bigger and more amazing things. So we couldn’t leave her boo hanging on her […]